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SyncDocs provides a simple point-and-click drag-and-drop HTTP server for transferring files between computers, or especially to applications on an iPhone. No DNS or IP settings are required. SyncDocs uses the Bonjour service discovery protocol.

SyncDocs is intended as a solution for synchronizing files to and from multiple applications on an iPhone or iPod Touch. The operating system on these devices isolates each application into its own space. However, there is no easy way to transfer files into the application's space on these devices. SyncDocs solves this problem by providing a free and open source Java application that will run on any platform with Java support. It's packaged in a JAR file and needs no installation. Drag and drop files that you would like to sync into the list, and SyncDocs provides these files by making them available as a web server. To handle multiple applications, each application asks for the file type that it wants, and SyncDocs provides a list of only those files.

The latest version is available from the Download link in the link bar above.

The SyncDocs Swing Client is a Java implementation of the client portion of the SyncDocs protocol. The ability to transfer files and automatically verify them using an MD5 checksum is helpful for a variety of purposes other than transfers to and from an iPhone or iPod Touch. File transfers over heterogeneous networks can often be stymied by subtle incompatibilities between protocol implementations.

The SyncDocs Java client is not intended for those who can configure their own SAN with NFS, SMB or WebDAV support. It is intended for those who are fed up with diagnosing and correcting protocol incompatibilities and just want to get a file from one computer to another. See the demo.

It's also possible to use a web browser as a SyncDocs client, but a web browser will not handle automatic file verification and may not have Bonjour support.

The project pages contain the project summary and CVS information.

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SyncDocs is available under the GNU General Public License. SyncDocs is ©2008 Christopher Evans. Use the Contact Me link in the link bar to e-mail me.