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What is SyncDocs?
Read the
short summary at SourceForge or the long summary on the Home page of this site.

You mean this software is totally free? I can include it in my application and my users can use it and my users and I don't have to pay you anything? What's the catch?
There is a catch — if you improve the SyncDocs client, you have to provide your changes to the community. You don't need to provide code for everything: just the changes you make to the implementation of the SyncDocs API. Legally speaking, the SyncDocs iPhone client is provided under the GNU

What platforms are supported?
SyncDocs is known to work with Mac OS X 10.4.11 (with
firewall changes), Mac OS X 10.5, Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista (with a setting change), Ubuntu Fiesty Fawn 7.04, and Ubuntu Hardy Heron 8.04. In theory it will work on any platform with Java support.

It's not working!
If you're having trouble starting or running SyncDocs, please see the
If Starting SyncDocs Doesn't Work section of the Getting Started page. If you can start SyncDocs, but you're having trouble getting something else to work, please see the Troubleshooting page.

Can I use SyncDocs to transfer any file I want to my iPhone or iPod Touch?
No. SyncDocs is intended to be used with multiple handheld applications, and only provides to each application the file types that that application requests.

I'm running on Mac OS X and there are problems with the Dock icon.
Please upgrade to SyncDocs 0.3.3 or later. Previous Mac OS X versions used a compiled AppleScript, and it had a few issues, including multiple icons showing in the Dock and issues related to keeping it in the Dock.

I'm using Windows Vista and I can't upload files from my mobile device (or I want to use SyncDocs with multiple users).
Upgrade to SyncDocs 0.5 or later if you're using an older version (use the Download link in the top navigation bar). Run SyncDocs, click "Setup", then select the checkbox that says "Use user directory for downloads". Click "OK". If that doesn't work, try installing a copy of SyncDocs for each user under their own profile.

How can I use SyncDocs with <Application X>?
Each team that wants to sync using SyncDocs for their application must include the code for syncing in that application. This code is still being worked on, but is rapidly reaching maturity. You can
download it from SourceForge. If you'd like to help, use the Contact Me link in the nav bar above, or post a message on the forum.

Can I use the client in a closed source project?
Yes. The code that runs on the iPhone or iPod Touch is provided under the LGPL, which can be freely mixed with open or closed source. It simply requires that if you make changes to the syncing code and provide application binaries to a third-party, you must provide the source code for the updates to the syncing code upon request of that third-party. If no changes are made, no extra requirements are placed on the implementors. In the "About" page or "Help" in your application, you should indicate to the user that your application includes SyncDocs and that the user has the right to request the source for the syncing code (which is available at this website).

As for "providing the source code for the updates", it can be by mailing a CD, or whatever means is reasonable, including the cost of making and shipping the CD. Of course if you send your patches or other updates to the forum, I can put your changes up on this site for you, as long as they do not conflict with Apple's Registered iPhone Developer Program EULA.

I can't see the main SyncDocs window.
SyncDocs remembers the position and size of the main window when it was last closed. If you're running with multiple monitors or you changed your display resolution (especially in Windows) the main window may no longer be visible. If you experience this problem, Alt-Tab (or Command-Tab) until SyncDocs is the active application, then Press Ctrl+R. Ctrl+S will resize the main window to the default size.

I just woke my computer up from hibernate and SyncDocs isn't working.
Click "Setup", then "OK". SyncDocs will rebind to Bonjour and will be available in less than 10 seconds (for recommended configurations). If you have opened the Setup dialog for another reason and don't want to rebind to Bonjour, click "Cancel". If that doesn't work, try the other options on the
troubleshooting page.

Who's using SyncDocs?

There are quite a few iPhone applications that use SyncDocs. The table below shows the applications that are both currently available and for which the publishers contacted me. There are also applications in development that are planning on launching with SyncDocs support. Developers are free to use SyncDocs without contacting me, but any improvements made must be provided back to the community (under the terms of the LGPL).

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ComicZeal bitolithicKnowledge Base
PocketMoney Catamount SoftwareForums Support Email
MPG Catamount SoftwareForums Support Email
iScan-It iKKooNUse the "Report a Problem"
button or link in iTunes
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Smart Recorder Roe Mobile DevelopmentSupport Email
TravelTracker Silverware Software Support Links Support Email
XpenseTracker Silverware Software Support Links Support Email

How can I get involved with developing SyncDocs?
Download the latest codebase from
CVS, download the latest build from SourceForge, post bugs or post enhancement requests. Also, use the "Contact Me" link in the top nav bar.

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SyncDocs is available under the GNU General Public License. SyncDocs is ©2008 Christopher Evans. Use the Contact Me link in the link bar to e-mail me.